EOP Walk 11/2

SABO volunteer Erika Wilson submits this report from this morning’s bird walk at the Sierra Vista Environmental Operations Park:

Just four people enjoyed windy conditions on the Sierra Vista EOP dikes this morning. Group tally was 51 species by the end of the morning.

Best birds were:
1. a single male Redhead, FOS and a fairly uncommon bird at the EOP.
2. two Wilson’s Snipe flushed from short flooded grasses at Moson Road.
3. More long-legged waders than usual, with a single Great Blue Heron, a single Great Egret, a single Snowy Egret, and a single Green Heron. This last an immature bird of the year who was quite calm about our two photographers getting terrific shots as it perched on a railing in the cattails.

At Moson Road we flushed our first really big flock of ducks–200 Mallards and about 30 N. Pintail–from tall flooded grasses. Am. Wigeon numbers are building, too, with 75+ making a whistling racket in one of the main cattail ponds.

Both a Merlin and a Peregrine Falcon were actively hunting over the impoundments, with the Peregrine making a dash and stoop at a couple of slow ducks.

EOP Walks are jointly sponsored by SABO, the Friends of the San Pedro River, and the Huachuca Audubon Society, in cooperation with the City of Sierra Vista. The walks start at the wildlife viewing platform on Sunday mornings at 8 a.m. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis and free of charge, though donations are gratefully accepted.