Huachuca Canyon reopens

We received the following news this afternoon from Mrs. Angela Camara
Public Affairs Officer at Fort Huachuca:

Fort Huachuca officials have reopened Huachuca Canyon to recreational users during daylight hours.

The nuisance bear was located and, in coordination with Arizona Game and Fish experts, the bear was put down humanely due to its aggressive nature and lack of fear towards humans. The bear was considered a Category 1 nuisance bear.

Fort recreational users should remain alert to the possibility of bear activity in the canyon. If you see a bear, remain calm. Keep your distance from the bear and move slowly and deliberately away from it. Let the bear know you’re there by making noise. Keep children and pets close to you.

Once you are safely away from the bear, call the Fort Huachuca military police desk at (520) 533-3000 and report the encounter.

SABO’s Huachuca Canyon field trip for Fiesta de las Aves is a go for Saturday morning, May 2. There’s still space if you’d like to join us for a guided tour of this very special area.