photos of six species of hummingbirds found in Colombia

Among Colombia’s 150+ hummingbird species: Sword-billed, Lazuline Sabrewing, Velvet-purple Coronet, Sparkling Violetear, Buff-tailed Coronet, Ruby-topaz

January 10-23, 2023

Colombia, on the northwestern edge of South America, has the highest bird diversity on Earth.  Roughly 2/3 the size of Alaska, the country is home to over 2000 species of birds, one fifth of all bird species, including over 150 species of hummingbirds. Many of Colombia’s hummingbirds are local endemics found only in a restricted range or remote mountains, but it is possible with a well-planned trip to see as many as 85 species of hummingbirds from a variety of comfortable lodges. Join Tom Wood and Sheri L. Williamson from the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory on a 14-day tour this January to Colombia, our latest ecotourism destination.

Our Colombian tour provider, Manakin Tours, has designed a safe, comfortable itinerary to maximize our birding and photography opportunities. We will cover a lot of ground, with in-country flights to reach the northern, southern and central Andes and maximize our diversity, but will have relaxed stays at comfortable lodges with feeders and viewing opportunities. Colombia has embraced birding tourism in a big way with new lodges and sites opening every year.


Day 1. Arrival to Colombia / Night in Hilton Bogota

Day 2. Sumapaz y Enchanted Garden / Night in Hilton Bogota

Day 3. Observatorio de Colibries Y Monserrate, transfer Tunja / Night in Aristo Gold Tunja

Day 4. Rogitama, flight to Pitalito, El Encanto / Night in Pitalito

Day 5. El Encanto all day / Night in Pitalito

Day 6. El Encanto flight to Bogota and Pereira / Night in Manizales

Day 7. Hacienda El Bosque, termales / Night in Termales Nevado del Ruiz

Day 8. Termales, Tinamu / Night in Tinamu

Day 9. Tinamu, transfer Montezuma / Night in Montezuma

Day 10. Montezuma / Night in Montezuma

Day 11. Montezuma, transfer Cali – Parque la Uva / Night in Araucana

Day 12. La Minga / Night in Araucana

Day 13. Doña Dora Feeders, Araucana flight to Bogota / Night in Hilton Bogota

Day 14. Flight to home

$4995 double occupancy  $580 single supplement

Detailed Itinerary