Scientific Name: Leucophyllum fructescens
Alternate Common Names: Purple Sage, Rain Sage, Barometer Bush
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Native Range: central and western Texas through northeastern Mexico
Attracts: hummingbirds, songbirds, bees, butterflies
Plant Type: woody shrub
Flower Colors: pale rose purple to lavender
Bloom period: summer in response to rain
Mature Size (w x h): up to 6′ x 8′ (1.8 x 2.4 m)
Hardiness: 0°F/-18°C
Water Needs: very low
Light: full sun

This handsome and hardy shrub and its relatives are widely planted as ornamentals throughout the southwestern U.S. It blooms in response to soil moisture or simply increased humidity, hence its reputation for predicting rain. The dense whitish hairs on its leaves help to reduce water loss during hot, dry weather. Despite its common names, it is not a close relative of the true sages.