According to the American Bird Conservancy, window collisions are a conservation crisis, killing up to 1 billion birds per year in the United States alone. To prevent these tragic and unnecessary deaths, we’ve installed a variety of solutions on the windows and glass doors at the sanctuary.

CollidEscape film: Made from the same perforated film used to create advertising graphics for city buses, CollidEscape is available in clear, white, custom solid colors, and printed with custom graphics, along with related products for residential and commercial applications. The white, tinted, and printed versions provide privacy in daylight but are transparent at night. The film is applied directly to the outside surface of the window, similar to installing conventional shade and privacy films. Approved and rated as highly effective ((Threat Factor = 3) by the American Bird Conservancy.

Acopian BirdSavers (DIY version “Zen Wind Curtain”): An unobtrusive, easy-to-install solution that hangs in front of the glass and can be adapted to a wide range of window sizes and shapes, including floor-to-ceiling picture windows. Though the official version uses olive green paracord, DIY versions can be customized with different colors. The official Web site, Acopian BirdSavers, offers DIY instructions and examples as well as custom-crafted BirdSavers and mounting hardware for residential and business applications. Approved and rated highly effective (Threat Factor = 5) by the American Bird Conservancy.

Feather Friendly® dots: These 1/4″ light gray adhesive squares come pre-spaced at 2″ intervals on a roll of application tape and are applied 2″ apart directly on the outside surface of the window. The grid pattern has a clean, modern look, though the application is more time-consuming than with CollidEscape or Acopian BirdSavers. This Canadian product is available directly from the manufacturer and from several U.S. retailers, including Seattle Audubon. Feather Friendly also makes a black version for clear deck railings. Approved by the American Bird Conservancy but rated less effective (Threat Factor = 23) than CollidEscape film or Acopian BirdSavers.

Charley Harper Hawk Anti-Bird-Strike Window Decals: The most decorative of our collision prevention solutions. As with other window decals sold to prevent window collisions, these large, colorful stickers must be placed close together over all or most of the glass surface to prevent birds from trying to fly between them.

For more on how you can help save birds from window collisions at homes, businesses, and public buildings, please visit Glass Collisions: Preventing Bird Window Strikes.