Scientific Name: Salvia greggii
Alternate Common Names: Gregg, Mirto Rosa (Spanish)
Native Range: central and western Texas, northeastern and north central Mexico
Attracts: Hummingbirds, songbirds, butterflies, native bees
Plant Type: Semi-woody perennial to evergreen shrub
Flower Colors: Magenta, red, pink, orange, pale yellow, white, purple, violet
Bloom period: Spring-Fall
Mature Size (w x h): 3 x 3 feet (0.6 x 0.9 m)
Hardiness: 5°F/-15°C
Water: Low to moderate
Light: Full sun

One of the most popular hummingbird-pollinated plants for southwestern landscapes, Autumn Sage has proven adaptable to climates  Hummingbirds, butterflies, and native bees harvest the sugar-rich nectar, and finches and other small songbirds eat the tiny black seeds.

Cultivars represented in the garden include: ‘Cold Hardy Pink’ and ‘Grace Pink’.